WPA Player Allocations Set for WPA Players Championship in Las Vegas

The player allocations for the $50,000 added 2019 WPA Players Championship have been finalized. The following 48 players have been invited based on the WPA rankings and member federations.

The WPA Players Championship will be staged at Griff’s Billiards in Las Vegas, April 16-19, ahead of the US Open 9-Ball Championship, which will be held April 21-26 at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. This WPA Category 3 Ranking event, with $50,000 added prize money, will provide players, especially those competing in the US Open 9-Ball Championship, even more opportunity in Las Vegas.

​​The event will be 9-ball and limited to 64 players in a single elimination format with a 32-player consolation event for those eliminated in the first round. The main event will be a race to seven with the semi-final and final being a race to nine. The consolation event will be a race to five with the semi-final and final being a race to seven. 48 of the 64 players are chosen by the WPA rankings and WPA member federations. A single $250 entry fee will cover the main event and the consolation tournament. 

WPA Player Allocations

1.       KAZAKIS, Alex (GRE)2.       FEIJEN, Niels (NED)3.       BIADO, Carlo (PHI)4.       CHANG, Jung Lin (TPE)5.       KO, Pin Yi (TPE)6.       Van BOENING, Shane (USA)7.       GORST, Fedor (RUS)8.       SHAW, Jayson (GBR)9.       MELLING, Chris (GBR)10.   GRABE, Denis (EST)11.   KACI, Eklent (ALB)12.   KO, Ping Chun (TPE)13.   WU, Kun Lin (TPE)14.   HOHMANN, Thorsten (GER)15.   SOUQUET, Ralf (GER)16.   CHENG, Yu Hsuan (TPE)17.   CHUA, Johann (PHI)18.   APPLETON, Darren (GBR)19.   THERON, Jason (RSA)20.   HALLIDAY, Richard (RSA)21.   HALLIDAY, Vincent (RSA)22.   YIP, Kin Ling (HKG)23.   CAPITO, Robbie (HKG)24.   OI, Naoyuki (JPN)25.   WALEED, Majid (QAT)26.   ALFAWAL, Abdulatif (QAT)27.   DO, The Kien (VIE)28.   KURIBAYASHI, Toru (JPN)29.   PAGULAYAN, Alex (CAN)30.   MORRA, John (CAN)31.   THORPE, Billy (USA)32.   WOODWARD, Skyler (USA)33.   BERGMAN, Justin (USA)34.   HATCH, Dennis (USA)35.   SHUFF, Brandon (USA)36.   DEUEL, Corey (USA)37.   TOKOPH, Tommy (USA)38.   WILKIE, Shaun (USA)39.   LOMBARDO, Hunter (USA)40.   TEVEZ, Christopher (PER)41.   MARTINEZ, Gerson (PER)42.   BAUTISTA, Ruben (MEX)43.   BIJSTERBOSCH, Marc (NED)44.   SZEWCZYK, Wojciech (POL)45.   BABICA, Radoslaw (POL)46.   DUDANETS, Maksim (RUS)47.   EDWARDS, Matt (NZL)48.   IMMONEN, Mika (FIN) 

Anyone can register for Stage 1.The remaining 16 spots will be filled by four Stage 1 qualifier tournaments, one per day, held at Griff’s Billiards April 12-15. The top four finishers from each qualifier will receive a paid spot in the main event. A single *$250 qualifier entry fee allows players to compete in all four qualifiers and will also gain free entry into the main event for those who qualify. Qualifiers will be single elimination, race to five and open to anyone not already entered in the main event. The field is limited to 96 players each day on a first come basis.​* a daily entry fee of $100 is also an option. INFO & REGISTRATION: www.playcsipool.com/2019-wpa-players-championship 

This event is made possible by the following sponsors:
Andy Billiard Cloth • CueSports International • Cyclop Balls • Diamond • Griff’s Billiards • Predator • Master Billiard Chalk The

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WPA Player Allocations Set for WPA Players Championship in Las Vegas