Latest Pool & Billiard news from the 2016 Season of the Predator Pro/Am Tour!

“We’re really excited about the changes we’ve made this season.  From opportunities to win more prizes, to 2nd chance tournaments, to Mosconi Cup-eligible events, this season will be bigger and better for our tour members.  Read on to find out more and tell your friends!

“We’re busy finalizing the season schedule, but next up:
Season Opener this weekend (January 16-17) at Steinway Billiards.  Come play and kick off the season right!
Stop #2:  January 30-31 at Steinway Billiards
Keep an eye on your email and our website for updates!

“Want to help streamline the registration process?  Download the 2016 Predator Pro/Am Tour Membership Agreement here and complete it beforehand.  See you Saturday!

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January 13 – 15, 2016 @ Steinway Billiards
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Amateur Only Events

“The majority of the tournaments this year will be for amateurs only. This means that more money added will go to the amateurs at these tour stops!
Also, there will be later start times for the Upper Bracket (A++ to B+) to reduce the wait time for matches. Registration closes for the upper bracket at 1:30PM on Saturday.
Matches will start at 2PM.
“Pro Events for the Year – We’re proud to announce that several of our Pro events are eligible for Mosconi Cup points!  These stops are marked with asterisks below.  Open/Pro Events for 2016
Gotham City Billiards (March)
George ‘Ginky’ SanSouci Memorial *
Empire State Pro/Am Championships *
Amsterdam Billiards
Eastern States Pro/Am Championships *
Gotham City Billiards 9-Ball Classic (Pro-only event) *
Steinway Classic (Pro-only event)
Predator Pro/Am Tour Championships (Season Finale)
Please note since there are fewer Pro events this season, Open/Pro players are no longer eligible for Player of the Year awards.

“2nd Chance Tournaments
All amateur-only tour stops will offer a 2nd chance single-elimination tournament on Sunday.*  This event is open to ALL amateur tour members.
Registration closed at 1:30PM on Sunday
Matches start at 2PM
$20 entry fee for players who competed on Saturday.  100% payout.
$40 entry fee for anyone who did NOT compete on Saturday.  The extra $20 will be added to the Predator Pro/Am Tour Championships (season finale) prize fund.
2nd chance participants will earn 5 points in player of the year standings and 1/2 event credit toward number of stops played in the year.
* Predator Pro/Am Tour reserves the right to shorten two-day tournaments to one day if conditions (such as inclement weather, small field size, room owner requirements and the like) warrant it.  In these cases, the 2nd chance tournament will be cancelled.

“Break & Run
This year we are offering a break & run at some amateur events.  Raffle tickets will be available at Registration.
A++ to A players may buy up to TEN (10) tickets at $2 apiece.
B+ to D players may buy an unlimited number of tickets at $1 apiece.
Players who break dry will receive a non-transferable free entry to a 2nd chance event.
“Predator Pro/Am Tour Championships
(Season Finale)
To qualify to play, you must compete in the equivalent of 10 stops during the season (2nd chance tournaments count as 1/2).  Total prize money added will be $3,000 plus $250 withheld from the entry fees at each amateur stop, unclaimed side pot money, and 2nd chance tournament fees for a potential total of over $8,000 added!

“Free Entries to Major Tournaments!
Opportunities to win free entry into major tournaments will be available this season.  Eligibility will be based on the number of stops you have competed in.  So come on out and play!
Ginky Memorial:  Four (4) free entries will be raffled off to players who competed in 5 or more events.
Free entries will be available to the Steinway Classic and the Predator Pro/Am Tour Championships – more details to come

“Tried & True
As many of you know (and for those who don’t), here’s what has stayed the same:
Annual registration fee:  $40
Entry fees are handicap-based, starting at $50 for D’s and increasing in $5 increments to $90 for A++’s
Side pot:  $20
Double elimination format (except for 2nd chance tournaments)
Split Chart format:  Upper bracket is A++ to B+; lower bracket is B to D
C / D+ / D Players:  Two separate sub-brackets* up to 16 players each (one for the D+/D class, another for the C class) .  This means you are likely to play someone at, or close to, the same skill level as yourself in at least the first round.
* Depending on the number of players, these brackets may be combined or adjusted.

“For more information, check out our website. We hope you are as pleased with the new changes as we are.  Predator Pro/Am Tour is always looking to improve your experience and grow the sport.  We look forward to seeing old faces and meeting new ones.  If you’ve been thinking about trying your hand at tournaments, now’s the time.

“See you at Steinway Billiards this Saturday.  Shoot well!


Tony Robles


Predator Pro/Am Tour

Welcome to Pool’s 2016 Season of the Predator Pro/Am Tour!