Starting with TV…. Players preparing for a weekend of pool and billiards might want to start here.

Friday night truTV’s reality series continues with another episode (10 p.m. Eastern) called the “Atlantic City Hustle”. In this taped for tv episode of the reality show, the top players from Steinway Cafe-Billiards in Astoria Queens, NY head to Atlantic City to take on New Jersey’s top-ranked hustlers for a $5k prize.

TourA couple of the local, league and regional events taking place in pool/billiard rooms around the country include:


July 11-12, SATURDAY & SUNDAY:

PredatorProAm• Predator Pro Am Tour at Amsterdam Billiards Club

Mannhattan, NY

Sponsored by Ozone Billiards

Phone: 212-995-0333


July 11, SATURDAY:

MLRT_Logo• Midwest Ladies Regional Tour at Brickyard Billiards

Indianapolis, IN

Phone: 317-248-0555



Plan ahead by checking out Pool & Billiard Magazine DAILY’s event Calendar: CLICK HERE

While many competitive minded players seek out weekend competition in their own local rooms, many more will be participating in the cue sports just for the pure enjoyment! Enjoy and Shoot Straight!


This Weekend – From TV to the Pool Room