Left to to right:Bob Toomey 1st, Joe Mazzeo 2nd —

29 players came out for the first event of the Tri-State Tour’s new season at Clifton Billiards. 8 ball would be the game and at the end of the night Bob Toomey last year’s Sportsman of the year would finish victorious.  Joe Mazzeo would finish in second after his run thru defeating John Durr 6-2, he would then fall to Raphael Castillo 6-4. Moving to the one loss side he would start a 7 round trek that would include victories over Chris Schmidt 6-3, John Durr 6-5, Nick Serino 6-2, Teddy LaPadula 6-4, Joe Ganguzza 6-3, , Artur Trzeciak 6-3 and then Jason Blanchard 6-2. 
 Jason would have a great return to the tour with victories over Chris Schmidt 6-0, Sam Hoffman 6-5, Raphael Castillo 6-2, Joe Ganguzza 6-2 and then would meet up with Bob Toomey and would fight to the 8 before losing a nail biting hill-hill match. 
Bob would move thru the field defeating Amanda Andries 5-2, Rick Rodriquez 5-4, Allison LaFleur 5-3, Artur Trzeciak 5-4. That would be the last bout of the day for Bob Toomey as Joe Mazzeo would decide to take second and end the day early and Bob would take first undefeated for the day.

Tri State Tour Results
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