turkey playing poolThe entire staff at Pool & Billiard Magazine is grateful and thankful throughout each year for the loyal players and fans who have chosen P&B Mag to be included in their enjoyment and participation of the sport. Many of our readers have been learning and sharing the excitement of the game with us for over 30 years.

Pool-and-Billiard-Magazine-AdvertisersWe are also thankful to the many businesses in the cue sport industry who use Pool & Billiard Magazine, Pool & Billiard DEALER and Pool & Billiard Magazine DAILY, as a venue to advertise their products. P&B is supported in part by everyone of its advertisers.

From all of us here at theĀ  original monthly magazine of the sport in the U.S.A.




Thanks for 32-Years of Loyal Support: P&B Readers and P&B Industry