13095943_1031996306889966_1006653492402354553_nDragon Promotions, producers of the 76th World Tournament of 14.1 this September 5-11 is now offering a sponsorship package to fans:

“Become a full fledged supporter as a Club Member for only $250 which includes $240 in benefits:

* Acknowledgement on our website sponsor list WorldStraightPool.com
* Acknowledgement on social media
* Vote in the 14.1 Hall of Fame
* Free ticket to watch during any of the first 3 days of the round robin in person
* 1 dinner ticket to the 14.1 Hall of Fame Banquet
* Group photo of the entire 48 invitational pro player field
* ALL access pay per View to all 7 days of the World Tournament of 14.1
* Exclusive membership supporter of the oldest tournament in the world since 1912
* Listed as a member on the official website www.worldstraightpool.com
* Listed in email blast to all 14.1 fans and players worldwide
* Listed in World Tournament of 14.1 Program Book distributed at the event in NYC. (copy mailed to you if not present)

*** The total above is a $240 value just on the tickets and PPV Access alone!”

Elite Patron sponsors and corporate sponsors please contact 407-782-4978 & [email protected]

September’s World Tournament of 14.1 Offers Club Memberships