^C469019610AC8F161AD05F78D65F34F8EDD04D9FED5E785C1F^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr-300x150Saluc, producer of Aramith billiard balls, has agreed to become a partner in the inaugural Atlantic Challenge Cup where Junior Player for Team Europe and Team USA will compete. In an agreement reached this week, Super Aramith TV Pro-Cup Pool Ball Sets will be exclusively used during the inaugural staging of the event.

Each match will have its own set of balls and each set will be signed by the players who played that match. The sets will then be auctioned and used as prizes after the event.

“We are proud to have such a prestigious company in Saluc as a partner,” said IBPF President David Morris.  “Quality and precision is the choice of many and Super Aramith TV Pro-Cup Pool Ball Sets fit that profile. It will be a great addition to the equipment provided at this event and the signed balls will provide great memorabilia after the event.”

The event takes place at Patricks Canadian Tavern in Rankweil, Austria between the 1st and 4th of July. Six of the best Junior Players from Europe and the USA will battle it out to ensure their team wins the first ever Atlantic Challenge Cup.

The event is organized by the EPBF/IBPF in conjunction with the BCA & BEF.

by Thomas Overbeck – Press release issued by the EPBF & BCA

Saluc Aramith Balls Joins Atlantic Challenge Cup
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