Pictured left to right: 2nd Place James Salas, 1st Place Rick Rodriguez, 3rd Place Michelle Pirrello –

Rick Rodriguez wins at Clifton Billiards –

Saturday, April 13, 2019 — Rick entered the tournament not knowing the outcome that he would have ahead of him. His first match was against CJ Chey(C+) beating CJ 5 to 1. Then Gil McGarth(C+) 5 to 2. In a match before the hot seat. Rick had his work cut out for him. Playing against a most improving player Michelle Pirrello escaped by the score of 6 to 5. In the Hot Seat match Rick beat James Salas 6 to 2. On the one lose side Phil Pearce(B) just deafted Mike Johnson(B) and would set up against Michelle which just defeated C.J. Chey 6 to 5. This was a great set going back and forth. Just when you though Phil was going to get a shot to a least lock up 3rd place. Phil scratched on a 9-Ball giving Michelle ball in hand and a win on double hill. This set up a set with James Salas (B) & Michelle Pirrello (D+) which is a 3 on a wire to 7 race. James made the most of it winning 7 to 4. However in the finals Rick wasn’t having any doubts beating James 6 to 1 in the Finals and winning his first Garden State Tour event.     The Garden State Pool Tour would like to thank Clifton Billiards to both Vinncent Sauro Sr & Jr for hosting the event. And also to there family for lossing a loved one. former Green Brook Billiards owner Joe Sauro.

Rick Rodriguez wins at Clifton Billiards