Left to Right: (1st) Jay Pass, (2nd) Paul Caliguari —

The Garden State Pool Tour hosted a (AB-CD Class 9-Ball) Tournament at Side Pocket Billiards on April 7 at Howell, NJ. Featuring a small field of really strong players, such as Nick Quaglia (B) , Scott Bannon (A) , Jay Pass (C) , Kyle Bubet (C+) , & Paul Caliguari (B+). And a few more as well.             

On the A-B Ranked players of the chart Paul made a line straight to the finals from the start. Beating Ed Huth(B) 6 to 4 , Joe Palone(B) 6 to 3 , And Peter Kozailitis (B) 6 to 2.  On the C-D Ranked side Ben Zimmerman was making his way to the hot seat match beating Gil McGarth 5 to 1 , Kyle Bubet(C+) 5 to 2 , And Jay Pass (C) 5 to 4.             

This set up the hot seat match with Paul and Ben. However Paul made quick work out of Ben winning 7 to 3. Sending Ben to the lose side. After losing to Ben. Jay Pass was on a mission beating Gil McGarth(C+) 5 to 1 , Nick Qualia 6 to 2 , to a rematch with Ben, however Jay beat him fast 5 to 0.             

This made the Finals with Jay Pass(C) and Paul Caliguari(B+) and a race to 7. If Paul got to 7 first the tournament is over. Howver if Jay got to 7 first. Then the race will be extended to 9. However since its a B+ & C Paul would have to give 3 on a race to 7. Paul gotten it to 3 to 3. But Jay won the next two racks making it 5 to 3. Paul won the next to making it 5 to 5. The both traded the next to racks making 6 to 6. However Jay won the next rack to force the race to 9. Paul gotten it to 7 to 7. Jay got to 8 first. Paul was on a run. And gotten out of position on the 8 ball. He made the shot only needed to make the 9 for hill hill. However Paul miscued on the 9-Ball given Jay ball in hand on the 9-Ball making her the event winner.            

           The Garden State Pool Tour would like to thank David Chennells owner of Side Pocket Billiards for hosting the event. The tour will have 2 events this coming weekend Sat April 13 BCD 9-Ball @ Clifton Billiards & Sun April 14 C-D 9-Ball @ Snookers Pub Grill & Billiards.

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