Congratulations to our new Champions!
Please join us in congratulating the 4th Annual NYC Singles 8-Ball Championships!  Drawing a full field of 144 players from the NYC area and beyond, this year’s event, held November 4-5, 2017 at Steinway Billiards, was the biggest ever.  With excitement in the air, the competition was intense, full of the highs and lows of victory and defeat.  If you missed your chance to participate this time, be sure to sign up early next year!
Special thanks to “Upstate Al” Leon of AZBtv for making the trek despite transportation difficulties to live stream our event courtesy of Blatt Billiards, to John Leyman for being our official referee, and to Dr. Michael Fedak and Steinway Billiards for upping the stakes.  Huge thanks to all of the players for their enthusiasm and support of this event.

We were sorry that we had to cancel the 2nd Annual NYC Scotch Double 8-Ball Championships due to a scheduling conflict.  We will bring this event back next year.  Hope you’ll join us!

Women’s Leisure Division

Top Finishers
1 Suzzie Wong
2 Michelle Brotons
3 Michelle Ko
4 Jessica Gonzalez
Rada Elia
Latonia Taylor 

Men’s Leisure Division

Top Finishers
1 Corey Avallone
2 Jerry Vazquez
3 Bob DePasca
Izzy Matos
Michael Fedak
Mark Ogawa

Mixed Open Division

Top Finishers
1 Erick Carrasco
2 Stephen Augustus
3 Chuck Granville
Charlene Capers
5-6 Amy Yu
Feng Zhao

Erin Bechner
David Weinstein

Matthias Gutzmann
Tony Ignomirello
Mac Jankov
Keith Stefanowitz

Mixed Advanced Division

Top Finishers
1 Alberto Estevez
2 Shawn Sookhai
3 Amir Uddin
4 Chris Kelly

Ryan Boursse
Thomas Schreiber
7-8 Annie Flores
Matthew Rezendes

Mixed Masters Division

Top Finishers
1 Brendan Traynor
2 Gary O’Callaghan
3 Rob Pole
4 Ramon Rodriguez

Grand Masters Division

Top Finishers
1 Jorge Rodriguez
2 Alex Kazakis
3 Hunter Lombardo
Edwin Garcia
Results 2017 NYC 8-BALL Championship