Predator Euro Tour WomenPredator Women’s Treviso OpenPresented by BHR Treviso Hotel & 5M Games2nd May 2022ANA GRADISNIK of Slovenia is the Predator Women’s Treviso Open champion following a hard fought 7-5 victory over Sara Rocha of Portugal. It was Gradisnik’s second Euro Tour title following victory in Austria last year and cements her position at the top of the women’s rankings. Taking place at the BHR Treviso Hotel, it was a game of two halves as Gradisnik built a significant lead, and then Rocha came back at her, before the champion closed the match out.Said a jubilant Gradisnik; “I started pretty well but then I got nervous and when the momentum changed and it went to 5-4, I was very nervous. I just tried to stay calm and collected, kind of. I didn’t manage to but then, at the end it turned out good!”Played out in the main arena, Gradisnik took the opening rack but broke down with three balls remaining in the next to allow Rocha to level the match at 1-1. Gradisnik though, confidently ran through the next to restore her one rack advantage. There was nothing off the break for the Slovenian in the fourth game but after visits from both players, Gradisnik asserted herself to increase her lead.A push out from Gradisnik in the fifth game was handed back to her by Rocha and they both went back and forth before a tidy 6/9 combo sealed the rack for the Slovenian girl. Two balls went down for Rocha in the next but there wasn’t enough travel on the third ball and she lost the table to Gradisnik. Rocha had her opportunity but missed the 9 ball, leaving it hanging in the pocket for Gradisnik.By this stage, Gradisnik held a 5 -1 lead and was cruising but Rochas stopped the rot in the next game as she reduced her deficit to three games, trailing 5-2 in the race-to-seven match. Gradisnik looked set in the next but missed the 7 ball and Rocha grabbed her chance with both hands to get to 5-3.An illegal break from Gradisnik allowed Rocha an opportunity and she composed herself well to run out to move just one rack behind. Gradisnik, though, derailed the Rocha comeback as she took the next rack to put herself on the hill. Rocha showed some big heart in the 11th game as she ran out to move the score to 6-5.A dry break from Rocha gave Gradisnik a chance but she missed a difficult 1 ball but the Portuguese’s one rail kick left the 1 ball out in the open. With the title at stake, Gradisnik took a deep breath and carefully cleared the table for victory.Gradisnik added, “I have trouble sometimes in the final. I’ve lost so many times that it’s in my head a little bit and I was struggling with that. I’m very proud and it’s something you dream of (being European No,1) when you’re playing these tournaments so that makes me very proud and happy.“Really, I’m just looking to practice and elevate my game. I don’t want to play on the same level, event though I’m No.1 currently, that doesn’t really mean anything in terms of my game, so I just want to improve my game.”Predator Euro Tour Women tournaments are 9-ball and the field contest a double-elimination format, playing down to the last 16 competitors, and then single elimination until the finish. All matches are a race to 7 racks with alternate break.All the matches can be viewed live at

Predator Euro Tour Women’s Treviso Open