14212021_1123767381046191_165854866810024334_n-1Starting in 30 mins! Head over to Steinway Cafe-Billiards NOW or Order pool’s Day 3 Today’s TV line-up: worldstraightpool.com
11:00 AM Orcullo PHL vs Dobosenski USA main TV
11:00 AM T Hohmann GER vs E Kunz USA- secondary tv
12:30 PM Strickland NY vs Karabotsos IL- main TV
12:30 PM M Immonen FIN vs Scharbach GER-secondary tv
2:00 PM VanBoening SD vs Emily Duddy NY-main TV
2:00 PM Cohen FRA vs J. Rodriguez USA-secondary tv

The 14.1 Hall of Fame ceremony will be FREE to watch tonight Sept 7 at 730pm: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/azbtv

Pool’s World Tournament of 14.1 – Sept. 7, PPV TV Line-up