13173927_1040374859385444_2894027354447556895_nPool’s World Tournament  of 14.1 announced a qualifier will be held in Chicago on July 9th.
“For 9 of the last 11 years, #Chicago‘s most famous room Red Shoes Billiards will host an Official Qualifier for the 76th World Straight #Pool Championship!
“Winner gets free entry and invite to the main event in NYC Sept 5-11.
“Sign up now by callin 708-388-3700.
“Happy birthday to owner John Lavin!! Want to help out? Join the World 141 Club at WorldStraightPool.com . Want to Host a Qualifier? Call 407-782-4978 [email protected]om . Sponsored by Andy Cloth and Rasson Billiards MFG.
Pool’s World Tournament of 14.1 Chicago Qualifier July 9