14212021_1123767381046191_165854866810024334_n-1RESULTS of pool’s World Tournament of 14.1 Day 1! And today watch Day 2 TV Schedule! Don’t regret missing history, COME over watch Live! TV Table Schedule Day 2 order PPV now WorldStraightPool.com $15 gets you all these matches! ***DAY 2***

11:00 AM Jayson Shaw SCO vs Randy Hanson MN – Main TV
12:30 PM LiWen Lo TPE vs James Heller NJ -Main TV
12:30 PM Stephan Cohen FRA vs Tom Gleich USA Secondary TV Table
2:00 PM Darren Appleton ENG vs C Y Khan ENG-Main TV
4:00 PM John Schmidt CA vs Mark Snodgrass FL-Main TV
4:00 PM Dennis Orcullo PHL vs Blair Levandaski NY -Secondary TV Table

5:30 PM Van Boening USA vs Jayson Shaw SCO-Main TV
5:30 PM Zion Zvi ISR vs LiWen Lo TPE -Secondary TV Table
7:00 PM Appleton ENG vs Tony Robles USA-Main TV
7:00 PM Orcullo PHL vs Tom Karabotsos USA -Secondary TV Table

8:30 PM Mika Immonen FIN vs Johnny Archer USA-Main TV
8:30 PM J Schmidt USA vs Ralph Eckert GER -Secondary TV Table

Worldstraightpool.com Call us 407-782-4978. Join the World 141 Club to support a 104 year American tradition. AndyClothUSA.com the Official Cloth & Aramith.com Official Balls. Call 1 (307) 710-1447 [email protected]. www.Rasson.cn Official Table.


Pool’s World Tournamen of 14.1 – Results Day 1 – Schedule PPV Day 2