The sport of pool and billiards US Open 9-Ball Championship History [Taken from the official U.S. Open website]

“The U.S.Open is The Longest Run and Most Prestigious 9-Ball Event in the world.

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“Barry Behrman’s dream to take 9-Ball, Pool and Billiards to a new level still today becomes a reality as the field stands strong from around the world. Never could have imagined it lasting 35 years and going.

“Started in 1976 and Held at Q-Master Billiards in Norfolk VA. Behrman had 15 Players and was praying for a “full field” at that time of 16 and got it at the last moment.

“The tournament format is double elimination (a player is out of the tournament after losing two matches) until two players remain. Most professional pocket billiard double-elimination formats, though, are not true double elimination formats, where the player who reaches the finals from the loser’s side has to defeat the winner’s side player twice for the title. At the US Open Nine-Ball Championship, matches are played in race to 11, with the winner breaking. However, the final match, as is customary with most professional nine-ball tournaments today, is one extended race. At the US Open Nine-Ball Championship, the extended race in the finals is 13 games. Barry began a new tradition in 2007 which will remain a Race to 13 again this year. “It’s the fair thing to do for both Players” Barry.

“Today over 25 Countries are represented. Fans from across the globe attend and mark their calendars year after year to get their VIP seats. The U.S.Open seats approximately 1000. The Fans at the U.S.Open are the most knowledgeable and loyal. Many, many fans have been coming for 20+ years. Beginning April 1st each year, VIP Seats go on sale. Barry, Staff and Players cannot thank you enough.

“At the U.S.Open you will also find 20-25 Vendors are on hand showcasing their products.

“The oldest pool player to have ever won the US Open Nine-ball Championship is Mike Lebron, 54 years old. The youngest pool player to have ever won the US Open Nine-Ball Championship was Mike Sigel, 21 years old in 1976.

“The U.S.Open has always been open to all men. Any player wishing to put up his entry is entitled to play. This tradition will stay the same. Like Augusta National, “a Tradition Like No Other”. ”


Pool’s US Open 9-Ball Championships Underway Oct. 24-30