Congratulations to pool’s 2nd Annual NYC 8-Ball Championship winners!  The event took place November 7-8, 2015 at Steinway Billiards in NYC was a huge success.  Drawing over 100 players, the competition was fierce in each division.


Men's LeisureMen’s Leisure Division: 1 Andrew Emil; 2 Rolando Rodriguez; 3 Mark Ogawa – PHOTO: Andrew Emil (L), Rolando Rodriguez (R)

Women LeisureWomen’s Leisure Division: 1 Carolina Kwak; 2 Debra Pritchett; 3 Latonia Taylor –  PHOTO: Debra Pritchett (L), Carolina Kwak (R)

Mixed OpenMixed Open Division: 1 Tommy Schreiber; 2 Cristobal Tiru; 3 Ambi Estevez – PHOTO: Tommy  Schreiber (L), Cristobal Tiru(R)



Mixed AdvMixed Advance Divsion: 1 Shawn Sookhai; 2 Matthew Harricharan; 3 Max Watanabe – PHOTO: Shawn Sookhai (L), Matthew Harricharan (R)

Mixed MasterMixed MastersDivsion: 1 Koka Davladze; 1 Raphael Dabreo; 3 Juan Guzman – PHOTO: Koka Davladze



Grand MasterGrand Masters Division: 1 Jayson Shaw; 2 Jorge Rodriquez; 3 Jeremy Sossei

Sponsors included CueSports International (CSI), Steinway Billiards, Delta-13 Rack, Predator Cues, NAPL, Gotham City Technologies, and Dr. Michael Fedak for generously adding funds to the prize money.

Pool’s 2nd Annual NYC 8-Ball Champions!