13323833_1194952983850681_2299345649827455240_oThe Billiard Congress of America, along with the Billiard Education Foundation, announced the starting players for pool’s 2016 Atlantic Challenge Cup. The 2016 event will take place at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention in Schaumburg, IL (just outside Chicago) starting July 8th and running through July 11th.

All members of Team USA attended an elite training camp in April hosted and sponsored by Jeanette Lee and the Black Widow Foundation. During three days of training, scrimmages and observation the instructors made their written recommendations to the Team USA Selection Committee. After reviewing these reports, a final vote was taken to determine the US starters for this year’s Atlantic Challenge Cup to compete against Team Europe.

The 2016 starting lineup for Team USA is:

1. Chris Robinson, 18 (Ventura, California)
2. Ryan Ponton, 19 (Bradley, Illinois)
3. Shane Wolford, 16 (Troutville, Virginia)
4. Ricky Evans, 15 (St. Louis, Missouri)
5. April Larson, 16 (Bloomington, Minnesota)
6. Serena Black, 17 (Warrensburg, Illinois)

Team USA Members Sierra Reams and Zach Gurganus have been named 1st alternates, with Emily Herpel and Tyler Howell being named 2nd alternates.

“This year’s selection was extremely difficult,” said Selection Committee Chair Rick Doner. “All of these kids are great players. We wish we could start all 10 of them, and know that our starters will play great and represent America proudly.”

For more information on qualifying and the selection process, please visit: http://billiardeducation.org/events/atlantic-challenge-cup/

Press release issued by the BCA & EPBF.

Pool’s 2016 US Atlantic Challenge Cup Starting Players