Pool & Billiard Magazine Readers – COVID-19 Notice

 Here’s what we’re doing at Pool & Billiard Magazine
    1. The April digital edition will be available to all subscribers on April 1.

    2. There will NOT be print issues for a few months while we chip in as the country recovers. (On average, the Postal Service processes 20.2 million mail pieces each HOUR, with uncountable handlings by originators, senders, shippers, sorters and those who eventually deliver the mail.) Printing and distribution challenges have now landed on our doorstep while some of our suppliers are affected by current restrictions. 

3. ALL paid subscribers will be given unfettered (and free) access to our archive vault of digital past issues that debut April 1 on Pool & Billiard Magazine Daily (www.poolmag.com). We want to keep you engaged in the sport while you are unable to compete in playing facilities or regional competitions.

4. We’re providing extra content, i.e. features, products, instruction, in lieu of covering cancelled events. Many of our instructors are also providing added content and will engage readers with videos, online free lessons, etc. to keep the pool fires burning.

   5. Print subscribers will have their subscriptions extended for all missed monthly print issues. Renewal notices will NOT be sent during this period and NO print subscriptions will expire.

    6. NOTICE TO CURRENT SUBSCRIBERS – ACTION MAY BE REQUIRED –  If you are a print subscriber needing to register for the FREE monthly Digital copy of P&B, please provide the email you want the monthly P&B E-zine send to. Let us know by contacting subscriptions@poolmag,com and include your telephone number.

We’re proud of what the pool and billiards community is doing to keep a social distance while remaining social where we all can. Please, please, stay safe!
Yours in sport,
Shari, Harold and the entire P&B Team


If you are not yet a Digital Subscriber, start your subscription today by clicking on the SUBSCRIBE link on this page.

(For readers who have not heard, our longtime editor and feature writer, Tom Shaw, is recovering from serious heart issues resulting from cardiac arrest in mid-January. We continue to wish him the best as he slowly recovers in a nearby care facility.)

Pool & Billiard Magazine Staying Ahead of COVID-19