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“All New, All the Time!

My husband and father are both golfers. That pretty much means on most weekends I’m both a golf widow and orphan, but I digress.

Part of the ritual of being a golfer is, quite frankly, shopping. And there’s plenty to shop for. Golf clubs and golf shoes and golf bags and golf shirts and golf gloves… They both have closets and cabinets and shelves dedicated to such things. Just yesterday the hubster brought home a new demo of a club. He couldn’t wait to show me, even pulling out his own club to compare the two. “Um, they look exactly alike,” I muttered. “No!” he said. “This one’s
the NEW model.” “Oh, okay.” I can’t talk; I’m a real sucker for new products and new companies and new innovations in pool, too.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 10.57.27 AMAt left, the BCA Expo shows off its newest exhibitors. Watch for them in upcoming issues of P&B!

The BCA Expo (coverage this month, P&B’s October Issue -) is always my chance to see the newest stuff up close and personal. And you’ll find in most issues we devote plenty of space to talk about new products and new companies and new lines. It’s not only the life blood of any industry, it’s what keeps us enthused and engaged in our sport of choice.

In our July and August issues we showed you over 50 new and improved products. And you’ll see a few new ideas in this issue, too. Next month, our fall cue annual will share what’s new in cues for this season, and in November and December we’ll have plenty of holiday gift ideas, featuring –you guessed it– more new stuff we’ll be wanting for our games and our gamerooms.

We were excited to see some new companies exhibiting at this year’s Expo, too, and hope that’s a trend that continues… because really, doesn’t the coolest, newest cue or case or table or accessory inspire us to play just a little better, or try a little harder? And, I may be a bit biased, but the newest, coolest pool cue or case never looks just like last year’s model… just sayin’.

Speaking of new, we have a round of new instruction articles to keep you busy this month. And, if you haven’t been to the new POOL & BILLIARD MAGAZINE WEBSITE  CLICK HERE — we encourage you to come on over for a visit, and don’t forget to sign up for our daily news, tips and trivia – it’s free!

Enjoy the cool weather as fall sets in, and hope you’re all signing up for new seasons and new
leagues and new tourneys, too!”


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