Attention: Junior Pool Players and Parents

2016-ACC-banner-1024x341The nomination process Junior pool players for the 2nd Annual Atlantic Challenge Cup officially begins November 1st. The Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) will once again be accepting nominations for Team U.S.A. from the major billiard organizations throughout America.

Among these talented nominees there will be a final selection process to see who will officially become members of the Team U.S.A. (4) boys and (2) girls. These skilled junior U.S. representatives will compete against an equally talented European team at the 2016 Atlantic Challenge Cup being held in Schaumburg, Illinois during July 8-11. This junior event is modeled after the highly watched and popular Mosconi Cup.

The (4) boy and (2) girl player nominations made by the league organizations must be 19 or younger (player may not turn 20 before January 1, 2017). Deadline to receive nominations from billiard organizations will be December 31, 2015.

In order to make the Team U.S.A. selection process complete with the utmost concern of fielding the very best junior talent the U.S. has to offer we, the BEF and the Billiard Congress of America, has sincerely invited all the major billiard organizations to participate and nominate (4) boys and (2) girls from their leagues affiliates and memberships to possibly compete on the American Junior Team.

Invitation letters to the major league organizations include (but are not limited to):

  • American CueSports Alliance (ACS)
  • Association of College Unions International (ACUI)
  • American Poolplayers Association (APA)
  • Billiard Education Foundation (BEF)
  • CueSports International (CSI)
  • Super Billiards Expo (SBE)
  • TAP League
  • North American Poolshooters Association (NAPA)
  • Valley National 8-Ball Association (VNEA)

If you are a junior player or a parent of a junior player who is inquiring on what needs to be done to become a nominee and participate in this event, contact your league affiliations directly expressing your desire to compete on Team U.S.A. and to have them to put your name on their list of six nominees. If you know of a reputable league, tour or youth billiard program that is not listed above, have them contact us directly to submit their nominations.

The participating leagues offering nominees will only require minimal initial information from the junior players including just: name, address, phone, and email. Once you have become nominated the BEF will contact you by phone or email to direct you to a web address for further gathering of in depth information on your experience and skills. This information provided should be thorough and timely.

The team selection will be made by an impartial BEF committee from January 1-31, 2016 with final team selection announcement and press releases on February 1, 2016. We need to stress the importance of timely participation of the nominee process. Contact your league affiliates today and we hope to see you on Team U.S.A!

For complete details on the Atlantic Challenge Cup event, visit:

Nomination Process for Junior Pool Players into 2016 Atlantic Challenge Cup