— On Saturday May 4th , 24 players entered Players Billiards to walk into another Garden State Pool Tour spot. Players such as John Egeln , Nick Quaglia , Joe Mazzeo , Richard Ng , as well as a few others.   On the C+-D side of the chart newcomer to the tour Bret Cifialli was beating players fast . Tom  Redford (5-1) , John Egeln (5-3) , Jay Pass (5-0) , And Ana Silva (5-3) to get to the hot seat.   On the B+-B side of the chart Nick Quaglia was on a mission. To win another event on the tour since January of 2018. Beating Ed Huth (6-2) , Mike Johnson (6-1) , Richard Ng (6-3) . Getting him to the hot seat match. Nick was too much for Bret beating him (6-1)    On the lose side Richard Ng just beat Ana Silva (7-4). Which set up Richard vs Bret. Richard jumped out to a 4 to 2 lead. However Bret fought back beating Richard (6-4).    In the finals once again Nick was too much for Bret lossing to Nick (6-2).The Garden State Pool Tour would like to thank Players Billiards & Bill Hill for hosting the Garden State Pool Tour event. As well as all the players.     The next event will be May 18 & 19 at Clifton Billiards. Which will be The 3rd Annual Spring Classic. This event will be a A-D Class event.

Nick Quaglia wins Garden State 8-Ball