The EPBF (CLICK HERE) announced the match schedule for the inaugural staging of the Atlantic Challenge Cup. The event kicks off on Wednesday. July 1 with three matches. The teams play at least a rack each in a team race to 6.

attachmentimg5311The event has six players from each Continent, four boys and two girls in each team and they will face off to become the inaugural winners of the Atlantic Challenge Cup. The event, staged by the European Pocket Billiard Febderation and the Billiard Congress of America, who have joined forces with their respective partners, IBPF & the Billiard Education Foundation is the first of its kind in the youth division. It is a joint initiative between the two continental governing bodies and is seen as an important step in the promotion of the sport.

The event takes place at Patricks Canadian Tavern in Rankweil Austria from the 1st to the 4th of July 2015. The official match table is supplied by Dynamic Billard and the official cloth is Iwan Simonis 860. Saluc will supply the Aramith TV Pro-cup balls for the inaugural staging of the Atlantic Challenge Cup.

Match Times

Program Times are local (CET)

Wednesday 1st July (19:30 to 22:30) Three matches

Thursday 2nd July  (15:00 to 17:00) Two matches

(19:30 to 22:30) Three matches

Friday 3rd July        (14:00 to 17:00) Three matches

(19:30 to 23:30) Four matches

Saturday 4th July    (15:00 to 21:00) Six matches

21:30 Presentations & Party


Match Schedule; Day 1; (3 matches played); Day 1 Match 1= 1 x team, all 6 players play at least 1 frame, in a race to 6; Day 1 Matches 2 & 3 = 2 x triplets, 2 boys and 1 girl play singles as above in a race to 6; Day 2; (5 matches played); Day 2 Matches 4 & 5 = 2 x scotch doubles, 1 girls pair and 1 junior pair alternate shots; Day 2 Matches 6, 7 & 8 = 3 x singles; Day 3; (7 matches played); Day 3 Matches 9 & 10 = 2 x mixed scotch doubles (girl and boy) alternate shots; Day 3 Matches 11 & 12 = 2 x singles (choice of players not used in the previous day singles); Day 3 Matches 13 & 14 = 2 x mixed scotch doubles (girl and boy) Boys not the same as matches 9/10; Day 3 Match 15 = 1 x junior doubles (juniors not used in the above mixed); Day 4; (6 matches played); Day 4 Matches 16 to 21 = 6 Singles matches

Sponsors include: Iwan Simonis, Aramith, Tweeten, Dynamic Billards, Kamui, J. Pechauer Cues and Rasson Billiards.

Match Schedule for Atlantic Challenge Cup