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Albin Ouschan will face Shane van Boening at the end of the first day of play in the partypoker Mosconi Cup, which begins on Tuesday at Ricoh Arena, Coventry, live on Sky Sports Mix and DAZN from 6:30pm (UK time).

The annual Europe vs. USA 9-ball showdown will open, as is tradition, with a team match featuring all five players. Doubles action follows with Germany’s Joshua Filler and Russian rookie Fedor Gorst taking on experienced American duo Shane van Boening and Corey Deuel.

Eklent Kaci will represent Europe in the first singles match of the competition, with USA fielding debutant Chris Robinson. A second doubles match sees Ouschan paired with Jayson Shaw, against Skyler Woodward and Billy Thorpe.

The fifth and final match of the evening’s play, traditionally a key clash, sees Ouschan take on five-time US Open Champion Shane van Boening.

“It is my first time playing the last singles on the first day,” acknowledged Ouschan at Monday’s pre-event press conference. “That match always seemed to be Darren Appleton against Shane, and then it was Jayson against Shane, so it is an honour to play that kind of match.

“When you look at the titles we have as a team, I think the guys have won everything, so it is a big honour for me to be on the team; we have never been this strong.”

“I have been playing Mosconi Cup for 13 years and I am ready every year,” said Van Boening. “I am always trying the best I can do for my team. We had a rough nine years but the last couple of years that changed. Mosconi Cup is not easy. There is so much pressure and you have millions of people watching. We had a rough year for all of us with no tournaments but I have been working hard.”

The 2020 partypoker Mosconi Cup begins at 6:30pm (UK time) on Tuesday, December 1. The event will be broadcast live in full on Sky Sports in the UK, DAZN in America, Germany, Austria and all over DAZN territories. Full broadcast details can be found at


Team Europe vs. Team USA
Filler/Gorst vs. Van Boening/Deuel
Eklent Kaci vs. Chris Robinson
Shaw/Ouschan vs. Woodward/Thorpe
Albin Ouschan vs. Shane Van Boening

Line-Ups for Opening Day of Party Poker Mosconi Cup