Dear Pool & Billiard Magazine-

I wanted to reach out with a potential story.  A couple of guy’s in Minnesota started a FB group for isolation tournaments.

All tournaments are done on FB live and are a player playing the ghost, with a point system, the person with the highest points wins the tournaments. 

It started with a just a few people and have grown to maybe over 1000 with players playing matches 24/7.  It is amazing to see all the home pool rooms and skill levels that have been from low lever players to a few pros. 

I’m… trying… to recognize a pool community that has found a fun way to compete and meet other players.   The page is called Isolation tournaments with the originators being Jason Soupir and Ryan Klinger 

Thank you, Steve Tapper

Letter to P&B Mag. Intro’s “Isolation Pool” Tourney’s