Women’s Professional Billiard Association (WPBA)

Congratulations to Kelly Fisher, the winner of the WPBA Ashton Twins Classic 2022 at The Hidden Spot, Calgary, Canada with a win over Allison Fisher. Kelly battled back to reach the finals after Allison put her on the one-loss side in a 63 player field from places near and far.

Here are the results in CAD:

1st: $10,000 – Kelly Fisher

2nd: $6,000 – Allison Fisher

3rd: $4,800 – Brittany Bryant

4th: $3,800 – Kyoko Sone

5th/6th: $2,900 – Caroline Pao, Eleanor Callado

7th/8th: $2,000 – Ashley Burrows, Tamami Okuda

9th-12th: $1,400 – Teruko Cucculelli, Maryann McConnell, Maria Teresa Ropero Garcia, Susan Mello

13th-16th: $1,000 – Amalia Matas, Kim Newsome, Emilyn Callado, Emily Duddy

17th-24th: $750 – Ada Lio, Aryana Lynch, Susan Williams, Kelly Cavanaugh, Khanh Ngo, Stephanie Mitchell, Toni Sakamoto, Farla Salmanovich

Thank you to Beverley and Joanne Ashton for organizing a great event, Chris Rogers for directing the tournament, Valerie Franiel and Andrew Nicklin with E-Sports Productions for the livestream, Justin Li with Elo Sports for the scoring software, the sponsors, the players, the staff at The Hidden Spot, and most of all the players both in person and virtual.

Kelly Fisher Wins WPBA Ashton Twins Classic
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