The J.Pechauer NorthEast Women’s Tour (JPNEWT)
has had 2 NAPT Division 2 (semi-pro) events so
far this year, and here are the results:

Triple Nines Top 6 from l-r:
Erica Testa, Linda Shea, Judie Wilson, Kia Sidbury, Cheryl Sporleder, Heather Platter

JPNEWT Stop #1

March 3-4
Triple Nines Bar & Billiards
Elkridge MD
(20 player field)
1st  $585  Kia Sidbury
2nd  $290  Erica Testa  **
3rd  $230  Heather Platter
4th  $ 85  Judie Wilson
5/6  $ 55  Cheryl Sporleder
     $ 55  Linda Shea

Markley Top 6 from l-r:
Erica Testa, Kia Sidbury, Judie Wilson, Nicole King,
Chari Slater, Linda Shea
JPNEWT Stop #2
April 29-29
Markley Billiards
Norristown PA
(18 player field)
1st  $250  Erica Testa
2nd  $175  Linda Shea
3rd  $120  Judie Wilson **
4th  $ 75  Nicole King
5/6  $ 50  Chari Slater
     $ 50  Kia Sidbury
** Winners of qualifier spots to the NAPT Division 1 (PRO)
Summer 10-ball Classic, August 23-26, Shooters Sports Bar
& Billiards, Grayslake IL
In addition to the events above, we hosted two concurrent
NEWT Amateur events in hopes of building the sport of
ladies pool. The winner of each event received a cash prize and a
paid entry into a JPNEWT event.  The winner of the
NEWT Amateur at Triple Nines was Lynn Richard.  The winner
of the NEWT Amateur at Markley was Shelah Joner.
Congratulations ladies and good luck at JPNEWT!
J.Pechauer NE Women’s Tour – Latest Results
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