Ivo Linkin and Lukas Fracasso-Verner Joss Junior 9-Ball Champions

Screen-Shot-2015-10-15-at-4.37.54-AM-750x2001-300x80Mike Zuglan’s Report on Joss Junior 9-Ball Champion:

“Congratulations to the winners of our first ever Joss Junior 9-Ball Championships, 12 year old Ivo Linkin in the 12 & under division, and 14 year old Lukas Fracasso-Verner in the 18 & under division. Each winner received an engraved Joss Cue and case plus trophies for the top 3 finishers in both events. Runners up were 11 year old Zach Hemendinger (2nd) and 12 year old Ralph Ramos (3rd) in the 12 & under division. And 15 year old Peter Abatangelo (2nd) and 16 year old Emily Herpel (3rd) in the 18 & under division. Let me tell you, “these kids can play”! Some of the kids were well versed in the art of tournament play and some were, more than likely, playing in their first event. It was a pleasure hosting this event and watching all of the 22 youngsters having a great time playing pool! Every player even got the opportunity to pick at least 2 of the vast array of donated products, and in addition, we gave away 5 various cue and case combos by way of random raffl es.

“The events were double elimination races to 7 on the 7 foot Diamond tables for the 12 and under and races to 9 on the 9 foot Diamonds for the 18 and under. Zach Hemendinger defeated Ivo Linkin 7-6 for the hot seat. Ivo then defeated Ralph Ramos 7-3 to get to the finals and avenged his previous loss by wining 2 sets 7-4 and 7-3 for the win. Over on the 9 footers it was Lukas Fracasso-Verner who went undefeated for his title besting Emily Herpel 9-4 for the hot seat. Emily then fell victim to Peter Abatangelo who then lost in the final match 9-4 to Fracasso-Verner. Hopefully it was a great time and learning experience for all of the participants in both events. I will do my very best to make this a regular seasonal event on the Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour.

“I would like to thank all of these fine companies and people for making this event possible and helping to make it run so smoothly. They are, in no particular order: Tim & Julie Berlin (owners of Sharp Shooters Billiards & Sports Pub), Peter & Billie Jo Hemendinger, Debbie, Dan & Stephen Janes of Joss Cues, Verizon, Dan Dishaw, James Sinclair of Rhythm Cues, CJ & Peggi Wilkinson of Baltimore City Cues, Iwan Simonis Cloth, Aramith, Ted Klonowski’s Bowling & Billiard Supplies, TAP League, Don Kerns, Mark Kulungian, Bruce Barthelette, Steve Lillis, Andrea Duvall from Hippos The House Of Billiards, Jim Romanowski, Matt Tetreault, Keith Odell, John Babravich, Brian Trinci, all of the kids and parents, and everyone that came to support them!

Mike Zuglan

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Ivo Linkin & Lukas Fracasso-Verner, Joss Junior 9-Ball Champions