03151Something Extra in Caroms & Combos

2013-9When you become proficient at carom and combination shots you have often the chance to continue at the table when otherwise it would seem your run may have ended. But even if you get good at these shots, there is something EXTRA you have to concern yourself with. That extra is playing position on these shots. And that is because it gets complicated by the fact you have to play position on two balls: your cue ball and the object ball used in the combo or carom, when both of them are in motion. The key is to not just focus on making the shot and thinking of your cue ball shape, but to really consider where that other object ball will end up. Knowing the problem is a big part of solving it. So the next time you come across one of these opportunities, remember to look for that “Something Extra”.

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HOT TIP: Caroms & Combos