GBE-Guangzhou Billiard Exhibition Returns for This Aug. With Brand New Products

By GBE Committee

Opening its show floor to worldwide buyers and exhibitors for the 16th time, GBE expo will make a strong comeback this August with an abundance of new innovations, technologies and information.

Besides those commonly-found products like billiard cues, cue cases, cue tips, billiard tables, table slates, cloth and lights, billiard balls, chalks and etc., scores of new exhibitors will also come with billiard hall furnishings like carpets, floors, sofas, chairs, as well as smart management systems, score keeping solutions, and a collection of game tables.

Currently, China has shortens its quarantine to 10 days for overseas arrivals, which means there is still enough time for you to plan an in-person visit to GBE. If not, we are also happy to help you make contact with suppliers you need!

Partial Exhibitors for GBE 2022

Billiard Cues: Cueman Duan, J.Flowers, B.S. Cue, Vision Sports, Oulai Sporting Goods, Youlian Xinda Trading, Weizhuosite Sporting Goods, Taile Cue Factory, and etc. 

Billiard Tables: JOY, B.L.P, RASSON, Jianying Billiards, Xingjue Billiards, DZS, Baineng KK, MR SUNG, Jingkai, Tianxi Billiards, Yimeisi Billiard Tables, Kangborui Sporting Goods, and etc.

 Table Cloth: Strachan 6811, Iwan Simonis, Liberwin, Shenyang Textiles, Dikaisi Textiles, Zhongxing Textile, and etc.

Table Slates: Aosikang Stone, Hengkang Stone, Tianbang Stone, Qixing Stone, Wenlei Stone, Xinmingjia Trading, Wansheng Stone, and etc.

Billiard Accessories: Aramith, Unique, Shuangzixing Sporting Goods, Hongtaiyang Sporting Goods, Jingling Sporting Goods, and etc.

Billiard Hall Furnishings: Junyao Sports, Huade Carpet, Angting Decoration Materials, Meiyi Furniture, Ruiqi Furniture, Qiule Lighting, Huyi Billiard Equipment, and etc.

Billiard Hall Management Solutions: Rich Technology, Qingzhou Technology, CRAND Technologies, Mokuai Technology, Kangxi Shengshi, and etc.

For more information about our show or our exhibitors, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards

Eva Deng(邓雅文)

Int’l Dept. Director

Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group

The 16th Guangzhou Billiards Exhibition (GBE 2022)

Date:August 10-12,2022

Venue:China Import and Export Fair Complex  ((Video)  (Video)

Note: GBE is short for China Guangzhou International Billiards Exhibition,the No. 1 trade fair in the world.

GBE-Guangzhou Billiard Exhibition Returns for This Aug. With Brand New Products