As of now the tour has suspended tournaments until June 2020. All other tournaments The Garden State Tour will work with the rooms to reschedule the tournaments that were cancelled or postpone. We had a couple tournaments this year so far in which I didn’t announce the place winners. So here they are.
Event 1 C-D Class Short Rack 8-Ball  Hosted by Black Diamond Billiards 1st Artur Trzeciak (C+) 2nd Gil McGrath    (C)  3rd Jeffrie Martinez (C)

Event 2 B-C-D Class 9-Ball   Hosted by Q-22 Billiards 1st Rob Wetherhold (C+) 2nd James Kearney (B+) 3rd  Tom Pavlou      (B-) 4th  Richard Ng       (B+)

Event 3 A-B-C-D 9-Ball    Hosted by Shooters Family Billiards 1st Tony (Iggy) Ignomirello  (B-) 2nd Frank Rodriguez (C+) 3rd Rachel Lang        (B) 4th Anthony Borg      (B-)

Event 4 C-D Class Short Rack 8-Ball  Hosted by Black Diamond Billiards 1st Joe Benilich        (D+) 2nd Jeffrie Martinez   (C)

Side Pocket Billiards & Clifton Billiards didn’t get a chance to start their season off yet due to the Covid-19. However will be working to replace those dates. Currently we are all at a standstill. And hopefully soon enough everything will be back in full swing. 
  Remember players , social distancing works. We can beat this!!   And hopefully we can all see each other soon!!  David Fitzpatrick , Garden State Pool Tour director & promoter.

Garden State Results Prior COVID-19 Suspending Tour