Justin Pelech Found himself in the Finals for the 2nd time in The Garden State Pool Tour season. Knowing he was close on becoming the points winner for his Group. And this being the last points event for the tour, He did not disappoint.      Now on the C-D side of the bracket. Coming off a huge 10-Ball Tournament win the week before Marco Danielle knew he must get some points to get into the Top 16 of his Group to make the Final 16 Group Championship. He fought through as well.     Justin just beat Joe Palone (6-4). This shows sportsmanship. Justin’s tip came off his shaft. However Joe lent him another shaft to finish the tournament. Justin then went on to beat Levie Laapam (7-0) , Gerald Novalez (6-4). Then Beaten Jay Pass (7-5) for the hot seat.     Maro Danielle’s road to the Finals was a little more grueling . He first beat Izzy Perez (5-1) then lost to Tony Iggy (6-4). Marco found himself clawing through the one lose side beating Jim Bilderback (5-4) , Joe Benilich (4-2), a rematch against Tony Iggy beating him (6-1). Marco was down to Levie Lampaan (7-5), however Marco fought back and won (9-7). Marco was now down to Jay Pass, Marco made quick work of Jay Pass and beat her (6-1).       Justin & Marco battled out in the Finals where Marco had to get to 8 first to extend the race to 10. Justin came out and won the first 5 games. Marco won the next 2. With the score at 7 to 7. Marco hung a 8-Ball. Justin made the 8 & 9. To win the event.        The Garden State Pool Tour would like to thank . Black Diamond Billiards for hosting this event. As well as the 19-players who entered as well. The next event will be The 2nd Annual Garden State Pool Tour Amateur 9-Ball New Jersey State Championship. Hosted by Players Billiards in Eatontown, NJ on November 16 & 17
1st  Justin Pelech     $-300.002nd Marco Danielle    $-200.003rd  Jay Pass           $-100.004th Levie Laampan    $-80.00 

Garden State Pool Tour Results