239 Players entered Sandcastle Billiards to become Group Champions as well as The Grand Amateur Champion. There were also yearly awards giving out as well. With payouts , players auctions, side pots. Over $7,000 was paid out at this event.   Group 4  Points Winners ( A+ / A  / B+ Class )1st. Justin Pelech   2nd. Scott Bannon     3rd. Richard Ng.Group 3 Points  Winners  ( B Class )1st Joe Palone        2nd. Roger Hanos      3rd. Jersey MarsGroup 2 Points Winners ( C+ Class )1st Jim Biliderback  2nd. Tony Iggy           3rd Rick RodriguezGroup 1 Points Winners ( C / D+ / D )1st Jay Pass         2nd John-Jack-Egeln    3rd. Michelle PirrelloFemale Points  Winners1st Jay Pass         2nd Michelle Pirrello    3rd Isabel-Izzy-PerezMost ImprovedJay Pass   & Jim Bilderback
        We also had a great tournament as well.39 players coming to compete.  And we gotten 4 Group Champions:     Group 1:     1st Gil McGrath  2nd Anthony Nasta  3rd Marco DaineleGroup 2:1st Kyle Bubet     2nd C.J. Chey        3rd. Victor KaminskiGroup 3:1st Mike Farley   2nd Jersey Mars    3rd Raymond ParagasGroup 4:1st Ivo Linkin      2nd Justin Pelech  3rd Jillian Tierie
          Ivo Linkin looking to defend his 2018 title was on a route to win again. However was beaten by Mike Farley 6 to 2. With Farley advancing to the Finals. Ivo was going through the west side of the chart. Beating Gil McGrath 7 to 5. Then advance to play Kyle Bubet this was a battle going back and forth. With Ivo on the hill. Kyle won the next two games to make it hill hill. Kyle missed a really hard combo shot. Ivo then ran out to win the set. To get a rematch with Farley in the Finals. Ivo which had to beat Farley twice to win. Ivo won the first set 6-2. The 2nd set was a little more of a battle. Going back and forth. Until Ivo prevailed winning his 2nd Garden State Pool Tour Grand Amateur Championship!!       We would like to thank Sandcastle Billiards for hosting the event. And Ed (Sandman) Liddewi for streaming the event all weekend.  To Keith Columbo of Billiards Engineering for sponsoring Quick Slicks to the 4th place Group place winners. The Garden State Pool Tour will return in January 2020.

Garden State Pool Tour Grand Amateur Champion