American Poolplayers Association

To visit the American Poolplayers Association “rules” page  Click Here



2014RuleBookCover_110413-196x300Billiard Congress of America

The Billiard Congress of America has free pdf downloads of the General Rules of Pool, 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 10-Ball and more — CLICK HERE to access!



csiCueSports International

Rules used by BCAPL and USAPL Click Here



For the rules to the TAP League “Pool’s Amateur Tour”

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World Pool-Billiard Association

For the Official Rules from the WPA CLICK HERE


 For Something Different, Try…

6Pocket-169x300Play Six Pocket! (aka Ring One-Pocket – aka Chicago Pool)

This ring-game, created by the founders of Pool & Billiard Magazine, is a variation on golf pool and will test your skills in so many ways… PLUS, you can play with as many as 8 players! To download the pdf with complete rules,






Play “99!” The Game With a Score

The game is called Ninety-Nine Pool-Billiard or “99’ for short. A Pool & Billiard Magazine creation:  P&B has been filling requests for copies of the rules and score sheets ever since it invented the pool game where you could keep a score just like just like in Golf and Bowling . Now available for download here, the rules and score sheets you can print and use wherever you play pool!

CLICK HERE to download Rules of the Game.

CLICK HERE to download score sheets you can print yourself!