Jacksonville, Florida- One era ends, and another begins! After over a century of being hosted in northern metropolitan cities such as New York and Chicago, the World 14.1 will be moving to Florida for the first time. In its first outing to be hosted by a southern stat, 9Ball Heaven in Jacksonville, Florida is the selected locaton of the 79th World Straight Pool Championship on December 2-7, 2019 immediately following the Mosconi Cup in Las Vegas. 9Ball Heaven will have the honor of hosting the longest-running and oldest tradition in billiards since 1912. This year marks the 14th consecutive year with Dragon Promotions continuing at the helm of pool’s oldest tournament, the longest consecutive run of the championship in its 107-year history.

The 79th World 14.1 will host a star-studded 48 player round-robin field aiming to win the world’s greatest straight pool championship. The World 14.1 is sanctioned by the WSA World Sports Alumni professional athletes association made up of athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB, Pro Boxers, Tennis, UFC and many other sports.

” This is obviously a monumental move for the World 14.1. So we wanted to find a great venue with a well respected and well deserving billiard room that would do the championship justice. We have found that place in 9Ball Heaven. The pool fans in Florida are already buzzing with excitement, and fans coming to Jacksonville will enjoy the Florida winter weather and be only minutes away from the beach”, said Charlie Williams, Executive Producer of Dragon Promotions and CEO of the WSA World Sports Alumni.
Now Underway – World 14.1, Dec. 2-7, 2019