Pictured : Left (2nd Place-Nicole Monaco) Middle (1st Place-Mike Farley)Right (3rd Place-Joe Palone)

On Sunday August 25 the Garden State Pool Tour had a A,B,C,D Class 9-Ball tournament. Hosted by Side Pocket Billiards in Howell, NJ.   Players such as Mike Farley , Joe Palone , Jay Pass, John Egeln , Scott Bannon , Scotty Evens and more to name.    After a first round BYE Mike Farley went on a mission besting Scotty Evens(A) (7-1), Dinko Q(A) (7-3), & Joe Palone(B) 6-4 .To get to the hot seat set.    On the C-D side of the new comer to the tour Nicole Monaco made her way to the hot seat set. Besting the following players. Greg Restivo(C+)(5-4),Jim Bilderback(C+) 5-1, Anthony Nasty(C) (5-4) & Ralph Ramos Jr (C) (5-4).    This set up Farley(B) vs Monaco(C) for the hot seat match. However Farley quickly beat Monaco (6 to 3) sending Monaco to the one lose side.    On the one lose side After his lose to Nicole Monaco. Jim bested 6 players on the lose side. Before he lost to Joe Palone (6 to 3.) This set up Palone vs Monaco winner would get a rematch in the Finals.   However Nicole kept the pressure on Joe besting him (6-2). And advancing to the Finals against Farley.   The Finals was the same result besting Nicole (6 to 3) and gave Mike Farley the tournament win.   The Garden State Pool Tour would like to thank David owner of Side Pocket Billiards for hosting the tournament. This date was picked up from another location closing their doors. And will also like to thank the players as well. Without them there wouldn’t be a tour.              The next event will be on September 07 & 08. And will be hosted at Players Billiards in Eatontown, NJ. This event will be open for A,B,C,D Class players. However will adopt the US Amateur rules . This event is titled “3rd Annual Fall Brawl” 
                      1st Mike Farley        $400.00                      2nd Nicole Monaco   $250.00                      3rd Joe Palone         $150.00                      4th Jim Bilderback    $100.00                      5th Ralph Ramos Jr.  $75.00                      5th Scotty Evens      $75.00

Farley Wins at Side Pocket