Europe Announces 2018 Atlantic Challenge Cup Team Captain
Superior, Colo., August 16, 2018, The European Pocket Billiard Federation today announced they will be sticking with a tried and tested method by selecting their youth sports director Tomas Brikmanis, to lead Team Europe during the 2018 Atlantic Challenge Cup in Las Vegas, November 29 – December 1, 2018.
“Europe has won the first three Atlantic Challenge Cup annual competitions and Tomas Brikmanis has been with the team for the last two,” said EPBF President Gre Leenders. “He brings invaluable experience to the team as we head to the Las Vegas for the 2018 event.”

Partnered in 2017 with Europe’s top gun, Austria’s Albin Ouschan, Brikmanis also captained the team on his own in 2016. The team’s early victory that year allowed them to make a trip to downtown Chicago for sightseeing and shopping. Asked whether he’ll be thinking about shopping this year in Vegas he replied, “That was crazy in Chicago, but a lot of fun, too. We had a great team and they deserved a celebration in Chicago. What we have here in Europe is special, with a pond full of ripe talent, and a qualifying system that allows only the very best to be selected. Youth European champion in 10-ball or straight-pool is no guarantee you get on the team,” Brikmanis said with a smile.

Starting November 29th, this year Brikmanis will be up against the legendary Allison Fisher who was recently named as the USA Atlantic Challenge Cup team captain. Helping Alison is the ever-present Earl Munson and former USA Mosconi Cup team captain Mark Wilson.

Asked whether the task ahead looked daunting considering the three heads on the USA team, Brikmanis replied, “Of course I have a lot of respect for all of them, but I faced five heads in Chicago, Allison included. I’m sure that result still hurts and she’ll be up for reversing it. I am really looking forward to taking my team to Las Vegas and I know they will be ready. So, we are going for that trophy and the shopping can wait,” Brikmanis replied with a laugh.

Launched in 2015, the Atlantic Challenge Cup features the best youth players from Europe and America in a Mosconi Cup style event. Six players on each team, four boys and two girls, battle it out on an annual basis to see who has bragging rights across the Atlantic. The event is the result of a joint venture between the Billiard Congress of America and the European Pocket Billiard Federation.

Stay tuned to for continuous updates on the 2018 event.

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Europe Announces 2018 Atlantic Challenge Cup Team Captain