14257708_1128133037276292_599204112701510308_oEarl the “Pearl” Strickland has dominated all his pool opponents this far including a 200-125 win over strong Tony Robles. Earl’s desire to become a World 14.1 Champion is stronger than ever before.
Watch America’s Earl Strickland pursue his dream today at 11:00am TV table.
keeping the #worldstraight !

Day 6 Quarter Finals 8 players left order TV stream worldstraightpool.com
11am John Schmidt USA vs Earl Strickland USA
130pm Thorsten Hohmann GER vs Liwen Lo JPN
Secondary Stream Table
11am Shaw SCO vs Appleton ENG
130pm Immonen FIN vs Eckert GER

5:00pm Semi-Finals #1
7:00pm Semi-Finals #2

Photos by EDionisio.com



Earl “the Pearl” Strickland is after pool’s World Tournament of 14.1 Title – PPV Today!