CONGRATULATIONS to the Winners of the Empire State Championships at Raxx Pool Room on February 20-21, 2016

Top Finishers at the Empire State Championships:

AMATEURS– 1  Justin Muller, 2  Gabriel Palacios, 3  Manny Stamatakis, 4  Rick Miller, 5-6  Elvis Rodriguez

PROS — 1 Mike Dechaine, 2 Jorge Rodriguez, 3 Hunter Lombardo, 4 Mike Davis, 5-6 Shaun Wilkie, Juan Guzman

4c9d789a-18a6-4e1e-8055-aa410e075562L-R: Gabriel Palacios and Justin Muller

0d166498-ec38-466e-ab84-7df8170f9aedL-R: Jorge Rodriguez, Hunter Lombardo, Mike Dechaine, Mike Davis

Tour Sponsors: Predator Cues, Ozone Billiards, NAPL, Delta-13, Pool on the Net, Gotham City Technologies, The DeVito Team logo

Dechaine Wins Empire State Championships, Raxx Pool Room Feb 20-21