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Today’s schedule:
11am – 2 quarter final matches
1:30pm – 2 quarter final matches
5pm – First semi-final match
7:30pm – Second semi-final match

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Joshua Filler vs. Warren Kiamco – TV Table at 11am
Shane Van Boening vs. Reiner Wirbitzki
Earl Strickland vs. Thorsten Hohmann – TV table at 1:30
Darren Appleton vs. Corey Deuel

USA – 3
Europe – 4
Philippines – 1


ShaneShane Van Boeining (Photos by Charles Eames Photography)

After scoring a single ball, Shane Van Boening then put together a near perfectly executed run of 135 before inexplicably missing an easy shot to take a 136-49 lead over Danny Harriman, who had opened with a nice run of his own. Van Boening then closed out the game on his next turn!

Thorsten Hohmann ran 136 balls with his trademark brand of precision position and pattern play. His run ended when he missed a long shot after being forced to take a little risk on a late rack cluster break. Orcullo then took at least a 10 minute break to prepare himself to make the most of his inning. I might add that a piece of chocolate cake appeared at his table! He did manage a long run, but ended up losing to Hohmann, 200-103.

Joshua Filler and Jayson Shaw made plenty of mistakes and Shaw suffered through a few unfortunate scratches, so Filler, the 17 year old phenom, advanced to the quarterfinals.

In the be-careful-what-you-wish-for department, Johnny Archer was behind me for a while rooting quietly for Strickland to beat Harriman on Thursday. He did, and Archer was then eliminated by Strickland on Friday!

Mika Immonen opened his match against Darren Appleton by spearing in a long shot and running over 40 balls, but Appleton eventually prevailed as he continued his defense to his title.

Danny Harriman – lost to Van Boening
Sean Wilkie – lost to Wirbitzki
Johnny Archer – lost to Earl Strickland
Mika Immonen – lost to Appleton
Max Eberle – lost to Deuel
Dennis Orcullo – lost to Hohmann
Jayson Shaw – lost to Filler
Hunter Lombardo – lost to Kiamco

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