Cue Silk Press Release: Attention Pool Public – This is Our Way of Giving Back!

“Cue Silk, a successful billiard supply company, selling in 50 states and 7 foreign countries, is offering their Pool Table Cleaner “PTC” below cost. The product is our “Big Lot 128”. It consists of 4 quart bottles of PTC solution (128 ounces), 1 16oz. bottle with sprayer and funnel, 1 25 gram micro fiber towel – all for $20.00 and Free Shipping. (does 200 tables with our fine mist sprayer).

“As we are willing to take this loss, we expect a large response and have adequate inventory. We promise to fill every order. Back orders will be filled when suppliers reopen. Cost will remain the same.

“We must join together in getting our industry open as soon as possible with clean tables.”
Contact Phone: 954-249-5547, Fax: 570-554-4468

Cue Silk’s “Getting Our Industry Open” Pool Table Cleaner Offer