IMG_2015 sep tophat_top8jpThe J Pechauer NorthEast Women’s Tour (JPEWT) 8th stop of the season (Sept. 19-20) was hosted by the Top Hat Cue Club in Parkville, MD.

pictured left to right:
Borana Andoni, Kia Sidbury, Karen Corr, Kim Whitman,
Dawn Fox, Meredith Lynch, Nicole Monaco, Nicole King

Sponsors of the tour include J.Pechauer Custom Cues, Baltimore City Cues, Coins of the Realm, Britanya Rapp, Ozone Billiards, and Simonis Cloth

Stop #8 had a 27 player field with the popular professional Karen Corr adding another win to her career record.


1st  $700  Karen Corr
2nd  $350  Nicole Monaco
3rd  $280  Meredith Lynch
4th  $130  Borana Andoni
5th  $100  Kia Sidbury
$100  Kim Whitman
7th  $ 70  Dawn Fox
$ 70  Nicole King
9th  $ 50  Boye Lu
$ 50  Jackie Duggan
$ 50  Judie Wilson
$ 50  Kathy Friend

IMG_0074(The Top Hat Cue Club features a Gabriels Imperator table, twenty-five Brunswick Gold Crown pool tables, and five brand new Butterfly championship table tennis tables. Our arcade has classics like Galaga and Ms. Pacman to Skee Ball and Air Hockey. It even features a TouchTune jukebox featuring hundreds of thousands of licensed songs updated daily. To Visit the Rooms Web Site  CLICK HERE)

markley-2015 octStop # 9 is schedule for Oct. 3-4 at Markley Billiards in Norrisown, PA

For more info on JPNEWT CLICK HERE




Corr Tops 27 Player Field on J Pechauer NE Women’s Tour