21 junior players representing 3 states arrived at Mile High Billiards in Arvada for the 2nd Annual Colorado Junior State 10-Ball Championships held. The fields divided evenly into three divisions: 18 & Under Boys, 14 & Under Boys and 14 & under Girls.

girls-champGirls Champ

It was a fun day for all! 2015 Wyoming Jr State 8-Ball Champion snagged the 18 & Under title, while top 14 & Under champs Jerry Miller & Amanda Campbell claimed their divisions. Miller caught a ride at the last minute and defeated fellow teammate Aaron Krapes in a 2-set match for the title. Krapes eliminated twin brother Brandon and Arizona’s star Jahnythan Craig to reach the finals. Campbell’s opponent in the finals, 8-year-old Mackenzie Johnson, who was competing in her first ever singles tournament. After the match, Campbell walked over and offered Johnson the prized jump cue as a consolation.

18uboys-champ18 & Under Boys Division

1st Place Richard Gonzales, age 17 Casper, WY Trophy, Custom J. Pechauer jump cue, paid entry to Jr Natls
2nd Place Kyle Chewning, age 17 Broomfield, CO Entry to Jr Natls
3rd Place Tyler Casey, age 17 Arvada, CO


14uboys-champ14 & Under Boys Division

1st Place Jerry Miller, age 12 LaSalle, CO Trophy, Custom J. Pechauer jump cue, paid entry to Jr Natls
2nd Place Aaron Krapes, age 11 Golden, CO Entry to Jr Natls
3rd Place Jahnythan Craig, age 11 Phoenix, AZ


14 & Under Girls Division

1st Place Amanda Campbell, age 12 Arvada, CO Trophy, Custom J. Pechauer jump cue, paid entry to Jr Natls
2nd Place Mackenzie Johnson, age 8 Thornton, CO Entry to Jr Natls
3rd Place Adi Hoffman, age 13 Broomfield, CO Entry to Jr Natls


Upcoming Junior State Championships in the area:

2nd Annual Wyoming Junior State 8-Ball Championships (4th Annual Nubbins Memorial)

April 3

Platte Valley Community Center, 210 W. Elm Ave

Saratoga, WY 82331

3rd Annual Colorado Junior State 8-Ball Championships

April 23

Rack ‘Em Billiards, 1919 S. Havana St.

Aurora, CO 80014

The BEF is grateful for the continued support of its premier sponsors for helping to make the 2016 Junior State Championships (JSC) program possible: Simonis Cloth, Aramith Balls, Pechauer Cues, BRAD Scuffer and Tweeten Fibre. Special Thanks also goes to all the national tournament directors and hosts.

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Colorado Junior State 10-Ball Champions Crowned