a8f1a6f5-263d-4684-be56-329ef19bea39The producers of the NYC Singles 8-Ball Championships invites you to… “Please join us in congratulating the 3rd Annual NYC Singles 8-Ball Championships winners!  Drawing 131 players from the NYC area and beyond, this year’s event, held November 5-6, 2016 at Steinway Billiards, was the biggest ever.  The competition was fierce, but lots of fun was had by all.

“Special thanks to “Upstate Al” Leon for putting in two long days of live streaming courtesy of Silent Assassin Productions and AZBtv, to John Leyman for being our official referee, to Dr. Michael Fedak and Steinway Billiards for upping the stakes, and to all our great sponsors.  Huge thanks to all of the players for their enthusiasm and support of this event.

“Hope you’ll join us next year!”


94164b62-dc43-4ab2-b788-061135c904fbTony Robles (1st) and Jonathan Smith (2nd)

Grand Masters Division: 1 Tony Robles, 2 Smith, 3 Michael Yednak

Women’s Leisure Division: 1 Diane Tse, 2 Sarah Morcos, 3 Latonia Taylor, 4 Suzzie Wong

Men’s Leisure Division: 1 Rolando Rodriguez, 2 Carmine Andujar, 3 Juan Melendez, 4 Carlo Barroso

Mixed Open Division: 1 Tommy Schreiber, 2 Storm Tillman, 3 Gary Bozigian, 4 Greg Matos

Mixed Advanced Division: 1 Rick Miller, 2 Shawn Sookhai, 3 Adrian Daniel, 4 Amir Uddin

Mixed Masters Division: 1 Mike Salerno, 2 Emily Duddy, 3 Duc Lam, 4 Koka Davladze



Champs at 3rd Annual NYC Singles 8-Ball Championships!