Even with their jam-packed schedules, celebrities still find time to play everyone’s favorite pastime, billiards. Check out some celebs who love the game and what makes their connection to the billiards so special.

michaelMichael Douglas—His apartment, which is home to a golden surface billiards table, overlooks the upper east side of New York, and features spectacular views of Central Park.


johnJohn Elway—The former NFL quarterback turned executive always finds time to squeak in a quick game of billiards. Supposedly, Elway had a table at his home that he had never lost on. One night, one of his Broncos teammates beat him and the very next day, he shipped the table off and bought another one.  Guess he isn’t very used to losing.

taylorTaylor Swift—When she isn’t making music or being cut off by Kanye, Taylor is hanging out with her squad and taking epic Instagram pics.  In this photo, Swift poses elegantly (though not technically correctly) on a very familiar looking table


fredFred Astaire—Owner of four Brunswick tables located in the basement of his home, the so-called, “Pool Wizard,” had a very likeable personality and enjoyed playing the game with just about anybody.


Elvis Presley—An able pool player himself, Elvis was known at times to move the cue ball in his favor as a joke to see who from his entourage might call him out on it.


joeJoe Rogan—Not only does he have solid mechanics, but his superior knowledge of the game and strategy are very apparent. The comedian/athlete’s extreme focus and intensity, while maintaining a stellar pre-shot routine is quite impressive.