—- The Garden State Pool Tour was hosted by Black Diamond Billiards located in Union , New Jersey. The event was a B-C-D Class 9-Ball tournament.    Players as Mike Farley , Jay Pass , the on fire Rick Rodriguez , James Salas and a few others.     On the B+/B Class side of the chart Ricardo Cavacas was playing great beating Mike Farley 6 to 2 , Philip Pearce 6 to 4 , Which set up a match with James Salas. Meanwhile on the C+ /D side of the chart Michelle Pirrello was making a run of her own beating Tony Iggy 6 to 2 , John Egeln 5 to 1 , Which set up a match with Rick Rodriguez. The funny ironic part about the 4 players on the winning side finished 1st-3rd place a couple weeks ago at the Clifton Billiards stop. Wondering if history will repeat itself. However Ricardo beat James 6 to 4 stopping that chance. On the other side Michelle playing Rick jumped to a hill to 1 lead. Rick got it to the hill however Michelle prevailed and advanced to the hot seat match.        Both players never been to a Garden State Pool Tour finals. Michelle has been close. And this was the first time Cavacas cash on the tour. This set went back and forth. Till finally Michelle got the last game to advance to the Finals. Meanwhile Tony Iggy just beaten James Salas 6 to 5. To meet up with Ricardo Cavacas winner would play Michelle in the Finals. Michelle put both players on the one lose side. However Ricardo Cavacas made quick work of Tony Iggy beating him 6 to 2.        The Finals is a extended race. With Michelle has to get to 7 wins to win the tournament. With Ricardo needed to get to 7 to extend the race to 9. With Michelle being a D+ & Ricardo a B . Ricardo also had to give her 3 games on the wire as well. Michelle jumped out to a quick 5 to 0 lead. Ricardo however finally found a stroke jumping ahead 6 to 5. However Michelle got to 6. Now if Michelle wins the next game she wins the tournament. Bad luck on her side. She made the 9-ball but scratched in the side. Forcing a race to 9 now. Ricardo pushed on the 2 racks and wins the tournament 9 to 6 in the Finals.       The Garden State Pool Tour would like to thank the host location Black Diamond Billiards & owner Kneil Shaw. For letting The Garden State Pool Tour run its event. As well as the players. Without them there would not be any tour or tournaments. The next tournament is a B-C-D Class 8-Ball tournament @ Players Billiards. On Saturday May 04 located in Eatontown,NJ

Cavacas Victorious on Garden Sate Tour