(left to right: 1st Brian Cap; 2nd Harry Guevarez)

Brian Cap Wins Tri-State Event at Rockaway

Twenty-two players came out to Rockaway Billiards to play in this Tri-State season’s first 8 ball event. Brian Cap would move thru the field undefeated winning his first match against Harry Guevarez 6-4, Michael Conoran 6-4, Jaydev Zaveri 6-4 and then what would be his final match of the day defeated Allison LaFleur 9-6. Harry Guevarez would move to the one loss side where he would march thru the field with a fairly easy path after a forfeit by Luis Jimenez. He would face Paul Madonia 6-4, Jaydev Zaveri 6-4, and then Andrew Cicoria 6-2. Andrew would finish the day at 4th place, his highest finish in several tournaments. Harry would then match up against Allison LaFleur in what would be the last match played of the day. Allison’s path to her second top three finish is as many weeks would include victories over Mike Guevera 6-3, her good friend and road partner Michelle Brotons 5-4, Ron Lichtenberger 6-4,and Andrew Cicoria 5-4 before falling to Brian Cap. Her victory of Andrew would be her last victory of the day as Harry Guevarez would prove expierence can sometimes overcome determination as he would win 7 games to Allison’s 1 as she was unable to ever gain control of the table in a favorable posistion. Allison would not give up and fought hard until the last 8 ball dropped. With its final departure from the table Brian and Harry deciding not to have a repeat of the first game of the day would decide to call it quits. This would leave Brian undefeated in first place, his first victory of the season after moving to the A rank at the end of the last season.

Please check the website (www.thetristatetour.com) for upcoming events. Please provide a thank you to Ozone Billiards, Sterling-Gaming,

Kamui Tips, Phil Capelle, BlueBook Publishing, Human Kinetics , Pool & Billiard Magazine, Professor Q Ball, Bender Cues, and DIGICUE OB for their sponsorship leading to this event.


Brian Cap Wins Tri-State Event at Rockaway
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