7th Annual Florida Junior State 9-Ball Champions Crowned
Story & Photos courtesy of Tammy Jo Leonard, co-tournament director

group-photoThe Florida Junior State 9 Ball Championships and the 2nd chance 8 ball tournament that took place February 13–14, 2016, took many surprising twists and turns.  We have new champions for both of these events.

On Saturday, in the 18 and under girls division Leah Quillinan sent Kaylee McIntosh to the loser’s bracket in the second round.  Kaylee fought her way back through the loser’s bracket to meet up with Leah for a battle of 3rd place after Kathie Sokolsky sent Leah Quillinan to the loser’s bracket in a battle for the hot seat.  Kaylee McIntosh beat Leah Quillinan to challenge Kathie Sokolsky for the National Qualifier and won her spot in Schaumburg, Illinois to compete in the BEF 9 Ball Nationals.

The 14 and under boys division had some interesting twists and turns.  Shane Laney defeated Logan Hultz sending him to the loser’s bracket.  Shane was defeated the next round by Trenton White and had to compete against his twin brother Sean Laney.  Sean Laney took Shane Laney out and then challenged Logan Hultz in the next round.  Logan Hultz defeated Shane Laney and fought a valent battle to make it back to the finals to challenge undefeated Trenton White.  Trenton White prevailed as the undefeated champion.

The 18 and under boys division held many surprises.  There were Adam Froot sent Xavier Hultz to the losers bracket in the 2nd round only to meet him again when he was sent to the loser’s bracket in the 3rd round.  Xavier Hultz prevailed to continue to the next round and finish 4th.   The ultimate grudge match of this competition was between Collin Dowdy and Jorden Burden.  Collin Dowdy sent Jorden Burden to the loser’s bracket in the first round.  Jorden Burden fought his way through the loser’s bracket to challenge Collin Dowdy in the Finals.  Jorden Burden played valiantly.  However, Collin Dowdy prevailed as the undefeated champion and won his place at the BEF 9 Ball Nationals in Schaumburg, Illinois.


18 & Under Boys Division
1st Collin Dowdy
2nd Jordan Burden
3rd Matthew Quillinan

18 & Under Girls
1st Kaylee McIntosh
2nd Kathie Sokolsky
3rd Leah Quillinan

14 & Under Boys Division
1st Trenton White
2nd Logan Hultz
3rd Sage Curry


18 & Under Division
1st Jordan Burden
2nd Matthew Franzke
3rd Adam Froot

14 & Under Division
1st Trenton white
2nd Matthew Quillinan
3rd Sage Curry

The BEF is grateful for the continued support of its premier sponsors for helping to make the 2016 Junior State Championships (JSC) program possible: Simonis Cloth, Aramith Balls, Pechauer Cues, BRAD Scuffer and Tweeten Fibre. Special Thanks also goes to all the national tournament directors and hosts.

For more information on sponsoring, hosting, or participating in a Junior State Championship, visit billiardeducation.org or call (303) 926-1039. Complete list of nationwide junior events listed here: http://billiardeducation.org/events/

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7th Annual Florida Junior State 9-Ball Champions Crowned