The second Predator and One Sports TV streaming event will take place from September 21 to September 28.

The Predator One Pool Women’s Cup features 16 of the top female players from around the world, going head to head from remote locations using this format of play.

Participants include Jennifer Barretta, Kelly Fisher, and Jasmin Ouschan, among 13 other top players. 

If you aren’t familiar with One Sports TV and their streaming events, at the end of July, Predator and One Sports hosted The Predator One Pool 10 Challenge. The event had a total of 596,800 viewers across their YouTube and Facebook channels and generated a tremendous amount of buzz throughout the pool community.

Eklent Kaci fought through the crowd filled with 7 World Champions to win the trophy. Now, September 21 kicks off a fall and winter schedule. One Sports TV and Predator are proud to offer the event streaming for FREE at One Sports TV’s Facebook and now on Cue Sports International’s YouTube channel.

Before that, there will be a new format of play, streaming as an exhibition match tomorrow, September 12th at 2 PM ET. This is a preview for the upcoming Predator One Pool 10×4, featuring a new and exciting format. You will see Joshua Filler, Tyler Styer, Francisco Sanchez Ruiz, and Albin Ouschan play each other at the same time. This will also be streamed on and

Predator and One Sports TV also have a doubles tournament, featuring the world’s top players from October 19-25, a mixed doubles event from November 16-22, and a massive 64 player event in the same format as the Predator One Pool 10×4. Each of these can be seen on One Sports TV’s Facebook and CSI’s YouTube Channel.

Tune in this Saturday at 2 PM ET for the Predator One Pool 10×4 Exhibition and starting September 21 for the Predator One Pool Women’s Cup. 

Follow One Sports TV’s YouTube channel here, Facebook page here, and Instagram here for schedule releases, results, and the live stream. 

Predator One Pool Women’s Cup