(From Facebook page of Professional Pool Player Kelly Fisher)

Fighting the Coronavirus will take teamwork. It will take determination. And if we want to keep this opponent in its chair, it will take our very best safety play.
Don’t put yourself at risk.
Don’t put others at risk.
Listen to the advice of medical professionals and your local authorities. If you can, please stay at home.
It’s also time to think about each other, so practice kindness and respect as well.
We are grateful to those showing the courage to put their lives on the line for our safety. Thank you, health care professionals. Thank you, police and firefighters. Thank you, truck drivers, sanitation workers and grocery store workers.
Remember, this will end…
…and we will all be back at the table playing the sport we love.
We stand united to win this battle.
And we WILL win because we will fight this TOGETHER.

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Int’l Professional Pool / Billiard Players “Stay Safe Video”