14.1 Starts TodayThe 75th Annual Andy Cloth World Tournament of 14.1 kicks off today (July 13, 2015) and runs through the 19th at Steinway Billiards Cafe in Astoria, NY.  To see the COMPLETE SCHEDULE of all matches: CLICK HERE

The following is the TV match Round Robin schedule: To order on PPV CLICK HERE

14.1TVMonday Day 1 July 13 (*matches subject to change): 10:30 AM Max Eberle USA vs Kevin Clark USA; 12:00 PM Roberto Gomez PHL vs Wi Nei CHN; 1:30 PM Jayson Shaw SCO vs Ronald Dobosenski USA; 3:00 PM Mika Immonen FIN vs Roberto Gomez PHL; 5:00 PM Stephan Cohen FRA vs Danny Barouty; 6:30 PM Shane Van Boening USA vs Danny Harriman USA; 8:00 PM Darren Appleton ENG vs Earl Strickland USA

Tues Day 2 July 14: 10:30 AM Jonni Fulcher SCO vs Tom Karabotsos USA; 12:00 PM Corey Deuel USA vs Jim Gottier USA; 1:30 PM Mika Immonen FIN vs Dieter Johns GER; 3:00 PM Shane Van Boening USA vs Tom Karabotsos USA; 5:00 PM Tony Robles USA vs Jayson Shaw SCO; 6:30 PM Thorsten Hohmann GER vs Warren Kiamco PHL; 8:00 PM Johnny Archer USA vs Danny Barouty USA

Wed Day 3 July 15: 10:30 AM Johnny Archer USA vs Jude Rosenstock USA; 12:00 PM Warren Kiamco PHL vs Ivica Putnik CRO; 1:30 PM Darren Appleton ENG vs James Landrum USA; 3:00 PM Dennis Orcullo PHL vs Corey Deuel USA; 8pm Hall of Fame Banquet Streamed

14.1 PlayersTHE PLAYERS: Darren Appleton ENG; James Heller NJ; Dennis Orcullo PHL; Shane Van Boening SD; Frankie Hernandez NY; Thorsten Hohmann GER ; Peter Hull USA; Johnny Archer GA; Charles Eames NY; Warren Kiamco PHL; Earl Strickland NY; Elliott Eisenberg CA; Mika Immonen FIN; Bob Jewett CA; Mike Dechaine ME; Kevin Clark PA; Max Eberle NV; Stephan Cohen FRA; Tom Gleich NC; Danny Barouty CA; Joshua Filler GER; Mark Kulungian CT; Corey Deuel FL ; Jonni Fulcher SCO; Jeff Mohl FL; Reiner Wirsbitzki GER; Eugene Oh NY; Jason Shaw SCO; James Landrum IA; Tony Robles NY; Mike Davis NC; Ed Culhane NJ; Roberto Gomez PHL; Rhys Chen NY; Frank Scharbach GER ; Sean Morgan NY; Bob Madenjian CT; Michael Yednak NY; Steve Lipsky NJ; Danny Harriman MO; Somphet Thongsouk IA; Shaun Wilkie DE; Eddie Kwok NY; Ron Dobosenski WI; Bob Cozzolino IL ; Holden Chin NY; Wei Ni CHN; Randy Hanson IA; Tom Karabotsos IL; Jonathan Smith NY; Hunter Lombardo FL ; Mark Finklestein NY; Jeff Mohl IL ; and James Landrum IA.


SPONSORS & EVENT PARTNERS: Official Cue is Viking Cue with all matches played on Andy Cloth (Official Cloth). Event partners include Mr.Tom Gleich, Dr. Gregory Diehl, Mr. Greg Hunt of Amsterdam Billiards, & Mr. Jim Gottier of Greenleaf’s Pool Room. Patron sponsors include Mr. Harold Siegel of Excelsior Graphics, Dr. James Heller, Mr. Charles Eames of Charles Eames Photography, Frank Scharbach of Frank’s Billard Cafe, and the National Amateur Pool League.

MEDIA PARTNERS: Official media partners are Pool & Billiard Magazine, Cryfoto Photography & tech support by Gotham City Technologies.
Email: [email protected] or contact Dragon Promotions 1-407-782-4978. Full event info is at Dragon Promotions CLICK HERE

Match Schedule, 75th World Tournament of 14.1, Starts July 13